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Avdhoot Paramhansa Shri Bhauranand Ji Maharaj
  • Yogesh Vashisth

 Avdooth Paramhansa Shri Bhauranand Ji Maharaj

Avdooth Paramhansa Shri Bhauranand Ji Maharaj भौरानंद जी महाराज)is the prominent saint in India. Maharaj Ji hails from sati anusuia ashram. He started his spiritual journey in early age about 5 years. Swami Bhagwananand JI Maharaj has given  him guru mantra at sati anusuia ashram M.P(Madhya Pradesh). Sati anusuia ashram is very divine and known for famous and sidh saints like Swami Adgadanand  Ji Maharaj, Paramhansa Maharaj, Swami Bhagwananand Ji  Maharaj.

Shri Bhauranand ji Maharaj do his austerity in sati anusuia ashram in the guidance of his guru Maharaj Shri Bhagwananand ji Maharaj Shri Bhauranad ji Maharaj has two ashrams in Rajasthan in Alwar district, one is in Pandupol Sariska and the second one is in Rajgarh in Alwar district. On every Guru poornima, there is a feast day, about  10000 to 15000 people come and celebrate. 

Pandupol Maharaj ji Ashram 

  1. Alwar Disitrict :- Pandupol Sariska 
  2. Rajgarh District:-  

pandupol sariska maharaj ji alwar


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