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This product is not sold on astroprediction

Hath Jodi

Hatha Jodi is a kind of root that is regularly depicted as looking like human arms with gripped clench hands. Hatha Jodi is essentially found in the Madhya Pradesh region of India, which, as indicated by the National Bioinformatics Center on the web, is situated in focal India and is frequently called the "Heart of India." This plant root develops in this district, as it is rich in expansive levels, substantial mountain reaches, streams and miles of thick backwoods, giving a perfect domain to the plant to prosper. 
Hatha Jodi gives a large group of impacts, including the capacity to entrance, shield and enhance the money related circumstance for the individuals who have it. Its most intense impact is its protecting impact, as it is said to have ensured the individuals who hold it on ventures, in talks, meetings, and fights by giving the capacity to triumph and beat fear.

हत्था जोड़ी सिद्ध करने की विधि

 हत्थाजोड़ी  को सिद्ध करने के लिए सर्वप्रथम उसे रात्रि में तिल के तेल में डुबो कर रखना चाहिए । इसके बाद प्रातः काल उसे शुद्ध सिंदूर में डुबो कर रख देना चाहिए और उसे माँ काली के या भगवान शिव के चरणों में रखकर  11  माला  "ॐ किलि किलि स्वाहा " इस मन्त्र की करनी चाहिए । 

हत्था जोड़ी प्रयोग


हत्था जोड़ी तंत्र

hatha jodi benefits
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hatha jodi puja vidhi

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This product is not sold on astroprediction

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