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One Face Rudraksha

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  • Product Code : RD-01
  • Main Color : natural wooden colour
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One Face Rudraksha


One face Rudraksha Price is one of popular Rudraksha because of it symbolizes GOD Shiva as well as has very high positive energy. Ek mukhi have all divine power itself from nature & available from natural tree. It is also used for spirituality, puja & astrology remedies. One mukhi Rudraksha is very auspicious that’s why it is king of all Rudraksha beads. Astroprediction is the supplier, 1 mukhi wholesale dealer, ek mukhi manufacturer. We Provide best price for this product and delivered on time our customers.


  • Best Quality Product.
  • with Lab Test Certificat.
  • 100% Natural Product.
  • 100% customer Satification.

Uses Of One Mukhi

  • For Good Carrier.
  • For Good married Life.
  • Business Growth.
  • Good financial condition

Advantages of Wearing One Mukhi Rudraksha Beads


A One Mukhi Rudraksha can bring you enormous influence, riches, extravagances, distinction, gigantic certainty lift and spiritual advancement. The Vaastu of  Round one face rudraksha Price frequently conveys a favorable indication of implying an association with Master Shiva. This is the mother of all different types of Rudraksha. The One Mukhi Rudraksha symbolizes shapelessness, deathlessness, shadowless , Godhood, Preeminent Truth and Accomplishment of Time everlasting who has made this whole world. The One Mukhi Rudraksha bead is itself the House Master Shankar and it is the principle among all Rudraksha of all faces. It is managed by the Sun and illuminates the Super Awareness. 1 Mukhi Vaastu conveys the energy of Dharana to the wearer meaning the ability to focus the brain on a question. . His mind starts to focus on the Preeminent Component. This is the best of all Rudraksha. Peace and delight stay in the house where One Mukhi Rudraksha is worshiped. Indeed, even the House having Vaastu surrenders gets cured and amended because of its nearness in the house. The individual who venerates it gets not just all the common joys amid his life expectancy additionally stays unaffected by them. One Mukhi Rudraksha is found in two shapes round and the half moon shape. Round Rudraksha is exceptionally adulated in our people of yore messages yet it is extremely uncommon and even more a myth . One Mukhi Half moon is effortlessly accessible and found in a family tree of Rudraksha from India and Srilanka. From the perspective of significance there is no distinction between them. Thusly it must be genuine and immaculate in whatever shape it might be. The cost of One Mukhi Round is more than the half moon molded Rudraksha.This Product is also used for happiness and good life.Testing of this bead is done by Laboratory  in jaipur .


1 Mukhi Rudraksha Bead Mantras


"Om Namah Shivaya" and "Om Hreem Namah"


Sun or Surya the focal point of the Close planetary system around which all the planets rotate speaks to one Mukhi Rudraksha . It controls the malefic impacts of Sun and cures ailments of the correct eye, head, ear, entrail and bones. Psychologically the certainty, mystique, initiative qualities and flourishing of the individual increments as the Surya God gets satisfied with the wearer. The most looked for after Rudraksha. These are to a great degree uncommon and are a standout amongst the most expensive Rudraksha beads. A one mukhi Rudraksha can bring you monstrous influence, riches, extravagances, acclaim, huge certainty lift and spiritual advancement. This Beadis frequently conveys a propitious indication of meaning an association with Ruler Shiva. This is the mother of all different types of Rudraksha. The Vaastu of this bead gives the wearer all the common delights and after that helps one accomplish flawlessness in life. It is said that where one confronted Rudraksha is revered, that place is constantly brimming with wealth and goddess Lakshmi has unique beauty of such places. This is the image of ruler Rudra. It offers all success on the enthusiasts. Such a Rudraksha is gotten by the finesse of Ruler Rudra as it were. feel free to contact us if have any difficulty in mantra.


Why One mukhi Is Used


Generally, the excellencies and significance of Rudraksha are evaluated by its aspects. As indicated by mythology one confronted Rudraksha is the image of Godhood, Preeminent Truth, Attainmentt of Endlessness. Two face Rudrakshaa symbolizes Elegance of Ardhanarishvara (Bi sexual God) Master Shiva and Parvati Mata. It is worn for satisfaction and peace in the house and for the accomplishment in conjugal life. At the point when the three confronted Rudrakshaa (Elegance of Agni) is worn, the knowledge of the wearer is expanded. So also Four confronted Rudraksha (Beauty of Brahma) ought to be worn to dispose of mental maladies, stresses, strain and so forth. Five confronted Rudraksha (Pulverization of crime sin) is valuable in cardiovascular ailments and for heart inconvenience. Six confronted Rudraksha (Achievement of Chitta-Suddhi and Jnana) is worn to decimate sins. Seven confronted Rudraksha (Saptamala) is gainful in getting great wellbeing and riches. Eight confronted Rudraksha (Effortlessness of Ashta Vasus or Ganga and getting to be plainly honest) wrecks deterrents and nine confronted Rudraksha (Elegance of Nava Saktis or Nine forces) gives natural joy and salvation. Ten confronted Rudraksha (Accomplishment of Peace) is helpful to assuage nine planets. Eleven confronted Rudraksha (Increments of all sorts of riches) gives common joy. So he who needs common joys ought to wear it. Twelve confronted Rudraksha (Achievement of Moksha) is the most critical to the people in high workplaces Erudite people. Researchers, Specialists, Vaidyas who are occupied with substance and therapeutic inquires about ought to wear thirteen confronted Rudraksha (Accomplishment of satisfying yearnings and effortlessness of Cupid). Fourteen confronted Rudraksha cures all sorts of sicknesses. Being cured, the wearer appreciates the life like the God Indra.


Impiortance of wering ek Mukhi


As indicated by the legendary books peace and joy stay in the house where one confronted Rudraksha is loved. There is no dread of inauspicious demise. Its wearer himself is lucky independent from anyone else. One who gets it and venerates it gets not just all the common joys amid his life - traverse additionally stays unaffected by them. It is a perfect thing for the specialists. It helps them to analyze the sickness and gives them achievement in surgery as well. We provide original one face rudraksha in very good price. A individual wearing One Mukhi Rudraksha can lead a rich and intense life by the favors of Master Shiva.one face Rudraksha is exceptionally gainful in curing migraines, right eye issues and illnesses of Liver, Entrails, Heart Maladies, Bone Torment, and so forth. One Face rudraksha supplier, wholesale dealer, manufacturer in  Mumbai Bangalore Hyderabad Ahmedabad Chennai Kolkata Pune Lucknow Indore Thane Udaipur. This Astrology product is useful for being positive to get success in your life . This single face Rudraksha can change your life with its energy. A person who wear this Bead feels very positive good improve his life with spirituality. Jaipur Rajasthan India new Delhi Mumbai Chandigarh Alwar Lucknow indoor jodhpur.


Full Procedure To Wear One Face Rudraksha 

To know wearing rules for this product you can contact us and we will provide full Vidhi Which contains all type for Rules as well as Vedic mantras as well.


Brand : Astro Stores

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Customer Reviews
Fantastic one face Rudraksha received in 5 days. The price of the one Rudraksha is nominal in comparison of other website. Lab test certificate also provided. I can say this the best product on this website. Good Customer support and Clint satisfaction.
Umesh Sharma
Fully satisfied.... Pros it was awesome and price was also best from Internet. Original product. Lab test certificate and x Ray also provided. I can say this ek mukhi Rudraksha bead is best in all other websites. Customer service 10 marks.
Kavita Singh
After wearing this rudraksha bead , i feel very positive. My job also changed to good one and i was promoted in my job and get good job profile. Very nice product and price was awesome.
Raju Kumar
This is the rarest rudraksha and 100% original and read about this in an article.
Pinky Gupta
Rudraksha Will be provided with lab test certificate. X-Ray report will be given.100% Original Product. Full Process of wearing will be given.

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